Our Comprehensive Package Includes

  • A Binder carefully prepared to keep the student on track and organized
  • Comprehensive Action Plan with detailed Timeline Advice on High School Courses
  • Advice on Extracurricular Involvement and Summer Activities
  • Advice on all aspects of Standardized Testing: ACTs or SATs? SAT IIs or A.P. Exams?
  • When, how often to take them, how to schedule, and how best to prepare?
  • Interest Assessment and Inventory, exploring possible majors
  • Preparation of a carefully selected list of colleges, universities, or other programs uniquely tailored to your student
  • Practice with, and strategies for, College Interviews
  • Detailed Advice and Planning of ALL aspects of College Visits
  • Hands-on Assistance with completing the Common Applications and Supplements
  • Assistance with Brainstorming, Drafting, Editing, and final Polishing of Essays
  • Compiling and Editing of Activities Resume
  • Assistance with Merit Scholarships
  • Guidance with making final choices once decision letters arrive
  • Guidance with choosing a Dorm, a Roommate, Summer Orientation Tips, Packing List  

Scope of our Services

We will provide all of the services indicated in a timely, thorough, professional, and helpful manner. While the student is the recipient of these services, the parents are the clients. As such, we pledge to consult the parents on, and keep them apprised of, every step of this process.  

Parent and student responsibilities (with our assistance whenever needed) include:

  • Disclosing all of the student’s academic and psychological history (if relevant), including recent report cards and official standardized testing
  • Establishing and maintaining regular communication with the high school counseling office regarding deadlines, fees, and requirements
  • Meeting deadlines for completing assigned tasks (i.e. writing essay drafts, compiling activities list)
  • Requesting and securing personal recommendations from teachers, coaches, etc…
  • Sending official standardized test scores to colleges
  • Helping us to assist you in completing and sending in all applications
  • Advising colleges of enrollment intentions  

Our services are advisory

Fees are never accepted from colleges for referral or placement of a student. Our obligation and focus lies with the student and parents, never with any college or program. No guarantees of acceptance to any particular college can be promised or implied. The final decisions on college admission rests with the student; as such, designated fees are payable whether or not the student gains acceptance to any particular college.


Just a quick note to pass along what a wonderful experience this has been. You really took the time to get to know the real ‘Claire’, through your holistic approach. Let’s face it, it can be tough to get a teenager focused and insightful, but your method worked. There’s no way that parents these days can truly stay on top of all of all the latest developments on the college front. And in a sense, it is surprising that many parents would approach one of the most precious ‘investments’ that they will ever make, without considering at least some ‘expert help’ to guide them through the process. We’re certainly glad that we did! You effectively cross referenced ‘Claire’ with your knowledge base about the many colleges and universities, to arrive at a meaningful range of prospective schools for Claire. Your additional guidance with the actual application process – including the ‘daunting’ written essay -- further insured success, and we can vouch for that, with 9 acceptances out of 9 applications. As a result, when our daughter heads off to school this Fall, she’ll be confident in her college decision, and so will her parents! – Ken, parent